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2013-14 Donor Return

Name: The Federal Group
Lodged on behalf of:Palborn Pty Ltd; Mulawa Arabian Stud Pty Limited; Halsata Pty Ltd; Mosavar Pty Limited; Halsap Pty Limited; Federal East Coast Holdings Pty Limited; F H & R Marketing Services Pty Limited; Federal Holdings Tasmania Pty Ltd; Federal Hotels & Resorts; Technology Services Group Pty Limited; Mulawa Superannuation Pty Ltd; Mulawa Properties Pty Ltd; Janala Pty Limited; Vantage Hotel Group Pty Ltd; Tasmanian Country Club-Casino Proprietary Limited; Australian National Hotels Pty Limited; Tal Holdings Pty Ltd; Mulawa Management Pty Limited; Mulawa Holdings Pty Ltd and Controlled Entities T/

The disclosure threshold for the 2013-14 financial year is $12,400.