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AEC Transparency Register

This webpage currently hosts historic annual and election returns as lodged by political parties, associated entities, third parties, candidates, Senate groups and donors.

The list of entities currently registered with the AEC can be found on this webpage.

Note: while the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) has taken steps to ensure the accuracy of information presented in the register's data tables, definitive disclosure information is contained on individual PDF disclosure returns which are also available for inspection through this register.

The Commonwealth funding and disclosure scheme detailed in Part XX of the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 was introduced to increase overall transparency and inform the community about the financial dealings of political parties, candidates and others involved in the electoral process. The scheme requires candidates, Senate groups, political parties, political campaigners, associated entities, third parties and donors to lodge election or annual financial disclosure returns with the AEC.

Further information

The term 'annual returns' refers to the requirement for registered political parties and their state and territory branches, associated entities, political campaigners, third parties and donors to provide an annual financial disclosure return. Annual financial disclosure returns are published on the first business day in February in the calendar year after the return is provided.

The term 'election returns' refers to the requirement for candidates, Senate groups and donors to provide a financial disclosure return in relation to a specific federal election or by-election. Election disclosures are published within 24 weeks after polling day.

Note: Election candidates endorsed by a registered political party are able to submit a 'nil return' and roll their reporting into the annual return for their party, if those financial transactions were the responsibility of a party committee.

The tables in the register can be filtered and sorted by clicking on any column header.

Multiple filters can be applied to a data set to provide a list of disclosure records according to your search preferences.

Data can also be extracted to allow further analysis.


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